Haga clic sobre m?!
                         Sunday 4th September 2011
I am happy if you are in front of my face
Everything is calm and the room is plenty of feelings.
I am looking at the depth  of your blue eyes
All is calmed down  around us
Touch the clear air with your small and white hands
White like the fresh milk,
Soft like the woll
Because I can enjoy about the clear lihgt of your look
The  dethp light of your marvellous house;
no dout it is true I couln’t hesitate
Iam not dreamning, like, nearly, always
You are you and I am myself,
But are like the same ones
But we are better toguether,
Your kind smile
Your words about love
You are free beacuse I need you
We re best toguether
With our crossed and deep looks,
Feelings of true words, no false ones,
The space between us must be dissapeared,
Unsulful space. Say me only a word of love and peace,
Hold me tight and help me to support the wrong words,
This lack of peace could be dissapeared quickly.
Look at me tendrely and without any pain
You are mi look
We are toguether, perhaps, forever,
Don’t worry about these unnesperated facts
I am waiting your peacefull words,
I am waiting for the sound of your words
Because I need to listen to you, quietly

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