Atlantic Ocean, November 11th 2011



I need your words for surviving.

Live goes on,

And many unusual things are happening, nowadays.

Perhaps, I could say the poor is poorer,

Perhaps, I could say the rich is richer,

The World is divided in two different parts

The speculation and financial way

And the people are living in a current way,

They are living the daily life

With the power of their own work,

Their sacrifice is a need for surviving.

Perhaps, everything is easy

But the sky is the same,

Always the same,

The same sky above us,

With its beauty and splendor,

The wide vault is clear and powerfull

The streght of the great Star,

Our Super Sun,

Constantly fountain of live,

I like to breath deeply

The clear air of the blue sky,

Sometimes blues but perhaps

Yesterday was in an another

Corious colour of our Nature

But perhaps in some Countries

The word hardness

Is current in the daily life

Lack of food with enough suffering

The difference is so hard

Between two diffeent countries

The taste of the wild war

But in another hand

The other people are living in peace

It could be a contradicttion

All are Human Beens

But is not the same to live quietly

That to live with great trouble.

The faces of the same coin.

The darknees and the brilliance

To be happy

Or to be unhappy

Miguel Dubois


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