Atlantic Ocean, 25th October 2011

Everything is changing,

Men women are different

Like some time ago.

But, nowdays we are living

In the same place,

Perhaps at different hours

In our personal hystories.

Perhaps the idea are different

Perhaps we were changing in many ways

Becuase at the end of the paths

The things and our lives were the sames ones.

Times are chaging quickly

But the target is the same.

I would like to live in a peacufull World,

Without pain and envy,

Bur sometimes the darck of the night,

Appeares, slowly, calmy

Like a strange animal

Full of anger and pain.

This is the sad part

Of our lives,

These are our sorrows,

And we lost our real objetive.

Try to be happy

In the middle of a stormy days

Try it, please it is better for you.

Observe the pover of a big bird,

Planning in the clean air.

Smile sweety,, forget your sorrows,

Knock to a new door full of happyness,

It is better for everybody,

Forget the unhappy wars

Forget the danger of the general violence,

Touch with your fingers,

The clean air,

And be very happy.

Miguel Dubois


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