Pontevedra, 29 July 2011


One lost day in summer

Her life stopped.

Her heart said goodbye

To this sweet beat.

The World disappeared

In front od her big eyes

Opened eyes in front of living,

Something wrong

Disconected her link with her life.

A treatment of continous pain,

Arrived without any permission.

No songs, again, no more prizes,

No pain, no pleasure, no doubts,

No stages with musicians and lights

Would be another kind of trimuph.

The lights was over,

The day was turnned into a black night,

Her strength voice was silented

And a black night of suffering

Was her last song. The last song

About memories, Ami this rebel teenager,

Before in those past times.

She was born in London and died too

In the Capital of the United Kindomg,

Kindomg of pain and sadness

Her voice will stay grabbed

In recorded full of joyce.

Ami is resting for over and over.

Ami left us the beauty of her songs.

Miguel Dubois


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