Pontevedra, 20th April 2008.

Do not hate me. Please be quieted.

Do not lose your heads,

with unfulfil thoughts

vain thoughts.

Make your own entire live ,

with all your sense of love.

I am the opposer violence’s enemy.

I am the weapons’ opposer.

Why do not think at the beginning to the day

with your fair ideas,

about the power of a kiss?

And why soldiers give up the Country

by the lost causes of mercilessly wars?

Give up guns,

give up hate,

keep on living

enjoy the sun shining,

and look quietly the red sunset

over the quiet Ocean.

Everything could be different,

with love,

and the desire of peace.

Do not kill your enemy,

your enemy, sometimes,

could be your perfect teacher.

and one day, perhaps,

and the end of all the possible ends,

we are going to live,

the joy of beauty.

and the dust of the deserts

could be the end

of lost and unseless causes.

Miguel Dubois.


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